Monthly Archive: May 2017

Nothing to Declare

We are thrilled to announce that Premier screening of our short film collaboration project, Nothing to Declare, will be at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Wednesday 28th of June. The film will be in competition for The Award for Best Short Film and also The McLaren Award for Best New British Animation.

Written by comic artist Frank Quitely, directed by Will Adams of Once Were Farmers, art and technical directed by Interference Pattern ‘s creative director, Tom Bryant, produced by Mal Young of Studio Temba and in association with the Scottish Film Talent Network. Alongside these roles, acting as lighting lead, Tom also lit and composited the entire film.

Full details on Interference Pattern’s extensive work on the film can be found on the dedicated portfolio page here.

Full screening details are:

Wednesday 28 June 16:00 Filmhouse 1: The McLaren Award
Friday 30 June 18:25 Cineworld 5: Shorts: From Scotland
Saturday 1 July 18:10 Cineworld 5: Shorts: From Scotland

Where are the midges?

Destined for the international arrivals hallway at Glasgow Airport, we were commissioned to produce a 41 metre wide piece of artwork, depicting a fantastical but recognisable Scottish highlands landscape for Famous Grouse. Measuring 2.6 metres high and to be viewed from very close by, meant dealing with a final output resolution greater than anything we had tackled before and with only two weeks to deliver to the client, the heat was on. Using a blend of CGI and high resolution stock photography, the IP team worked their magic and the final artwork looks fantastic in-situ. Inspiring weary travellers with as they line up for passport control with a glorious fantastical vista of what we waiting for them if they were to hit the road and head North!