Category: motion graphics

New year, new tipple

We have just wrapped up production on a new suite of four animations for alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware, this time focusing specifically on the effect of drinking excessive levels of alcohol, on women’s health. Informative without preaching to the viewer, they convey a message of moderation in a slick and engaging way.

RSPB – Inner Forth

A frame from our vibrant motion graphics animation for the RSPB Inner Forth Landscape Initiative

We are delighted to announce our work for the RSPB producing this vibrant animated film for the RSPB Inner Forth Landscape Initiative to educate local school children about the history of the Inner Forth’s changing landscape. Detailing the influencers for these changes and looking into the future for the area, the film is to be used as an educational support tool for local primary and secondary schools in the region. You can watch the film in full online at this link and also hear a little about the project from our client’s perspective at this RSPB blog by Project Assistant for the Inner Forth Futurescape Project, Ami Kirkbright.