Move Summit magic – reasons for a sell out success?

Here’s the top 5 aspects which make Move Summit very, very special! From my perspective as co- founder and director for 2017 and 2018, but influenced by lovely comments on the day too!

1. Speakers who hang out all day and night!

The great thing about our speakers at Move Summit, is they tend to get absorbed in everything that is going on during the day and evening!  I’ve been to many events across the globe where speakers rush in and out for their talks, without time to take a breath and talk with other delegates. With Move we’ve been so fortunate that our speakers love to stick around – they arrive early, they leave late and they do a lot of organised and informal helping in between. This has taken the form of our returning creative reviews for students, new speed pitching sessions, all alongside answering one to one questions after their talk, and mingling with the delegates for our evening activities. Quite often our speakers are among the first and last ones standing! On that note, stamina winners for last standing place are in 3rd.  Mathieu Muller of Unity  2nd. Damien O’Connor of Brown Bag Films   1st . Paul Wells of Animation Academy  But who wins this year’s Speaker Hero Award?

Last year the award went to duo Lee Greatorex and Doug Lamour of MPC for making to Move after an extremely long delay in Storm Dorris. This year the Speaker Hero Award goes to Tom Box of Blue Zoo! Who delivered three talks in one day – his own talk on his animated short film Mamoon & other works, followed by last minute stepping in for a talk on ANIMDOJO, and thereafter graciously accepted an invite from Bafta Scotland to talk about his Bafta nominated film. Kudos!

2. Hungry attendees

Okay, animation delegates have a hearty appetite, on that note does anyone out there want to sponsor our catering? But we’re not referring to the eating hunger here, but the hunger to: learn, connect, make the most of your time at Move! The organisers feel it, but more importantly the speakers feel it (thanks to living screenwriting legend Paul Wells for coining the term!) It makes their time worth while as they want to be helpful.  There is not one blase or bored attendee at Move (we even had emotionally moved delegates with the Blue Zoo film screening).

This is why our speaker have already asked to come back, as they know they’re donating their free time (off their normal day where they earn money) to a worthy cause where they had fun in the process, they like our vibe.  The added bonus is speakers become ambassadors to help spread the word of Move, and this year we’ve an International Ambassador Dr Stuart Sumida from the USA who is consulting expert to animation studios all over the world. With another sold out event, the volunteers team time is truly valued too with a full attendance and high energy delegates.


3. Awesome sponsors

Move is a grass roots industry initiative, that is a community run and a non profit event and ticket income along isn’t enough to cover costs of the event. So we rely on industry sponsors to help make Move happen with their lovely thick wad of cash donation. But moreover, they donate in-kind – their time, their skills and expertise on the day or in the lead up to the event.

Our sponsors for 2018 included:

  • Axis Animation – made a donation, had many speakers at the event and did creative reviews
  • Heehaw – made a donation, delivered a workshop, did creative reviews  and filmed the day
  • Scotland Loves Anime – made a donation and helped with curation
  • Creative Europe – made a donation, run 1:1 sessions, and curated Paul Kewley of Aardman
  • Stampede – whose chief is our Design Director and co-founder

Oh nearly forgot, how dare I, don’t tell the boss:

  • Interference Pattern – who were the lead organisers, donated time of five employees, curated speakers and sponsors, and brought together the winning team.
  • We created Move Summit as an scalable extension of our industry connection work with colleges and universities. We wanted to bring in world class speaker talent via our wider network, to give equal access and benefit to all students and professionals.

Our venue sponsors must be appreciated too:

The super cool space for creatives Whitespace who have supported Move since day dot, the place for tech and creative companies to be based – Codebase and for learning tech skills – Codeclan.  Also our event run smoothly thanks to our expert AV suppliers and technicians Vision Events. 

Curator Simon Haslett with MPCs Rob Hopper and Christian Guthrie

4. Volunteers who share your passions!

None of the volunteers day jobs are as event organisers, and the majority of them fit in Move planning in their spare time. So we may not be perfect, but we are passionate!  Our team has that magic ingredient that money can’t buy, the same interests as you and they have your back! They want to help you: improve your knowledge and skills for career progression, make that connection whether for a job or creative collaboration, and to lift up your individual and the Scottish animation industry enterprising aspirations and to provide opportunities and pragmatic solutions for them to be realised.

Thanks to our terrific planning team who work great together, as the team contribute their talents and interests for suited roles akin to a studio, rather than having a committee structure

Planning team

  • Emerging talent curation and engagement – Caroline Parkinson and Jonathan Mortimer
  • Professional curation – Sharon Campbell and Tom Bryant, plus Lucy Teire, Simon Haslett, Wendy Godridge, Iain Gardner, Mick Cooke, Will Adams and Fraser Maclean
  • Project Management – Tone Persson, Eloise Coveny
  • Move Late Director – Holly May Ward and Volunteer Management – Josephine Green
  • Design Director  – Denis Mallon, Communications Director – Brian Baglow
  • Social media manager – Tone Persson with Seamus Lumsden & Blazzing Griffin Aurora grads
  • Support with curation and promotion from Animation CentrifugeCMNS, Escape Studios

A big thanks everyone else who donated their time, including our volunteers on the day and our amazing hosts who love animation like you do – Kate O’Connor from Animation UK, Erik Ravaglia,  Iain Gardner of Animation Garden, and Move’s own Caroline Parkinson of Interface.

5. Cool tech & evening activities

During Move at Whitespace, we had the impressive Soluis demoing their ace VR work for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Evening activities at Move Late were popular as ever, as Holly-May Ward extended her organisation to develop a lovely relaxed evening of activities, on Thursday culminating with a Drink and Draw session at the lovely Brewdog pub. Friday night’s awesome Move Late included a cool tech exhibition and demo area with VR and AR for the crowds to don the goggles and be entertained. Bright Side Studios, Vitei Backroom giving us a world exclusive first play of their new game Paper Valley, and our very own Interference Pattern along with Articise with a demo of their recent VR work. With the addition of Stewart Brewing craft beer and pizza, and the magic ingredient of a hugely sociable crowd networking to the max closed the event perfectly.


I couldn’t be at three venues and witness all the awesome goings on, so we need your help with your feedback as I’m sure I and the team missed loads!  Along and with any links to your reviews/photos/blogs of 2018 and please complete the review survey. Who do you want to hear from and meet at Move Summit 2019? Send your ideas to please. Thanks!

That’s all folks!

Jayne Coulthard

Co-Founder & Director of Move Summit – 2017 & 2018

Business & Community Manager at Interference Pattern