Nae Pasaran – Premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival closing night gala

A virtual environment from our work on Nae Pasaran

On Sunday 4th of March, Nae Pasaran, an independent feature documentary film by Edinburgh based Debaser Filums, charting the true story of the Scottish anti-fascist, peaceful, civil disobedient workers who defied the Chilean dictator Pinochet, had it’s it’s world premiere screening, at the closing gala for the 2018 Glasgow Film Festival. The film had an overwhelmingly positive reception from the audience with an almost endless standing-ovation as the closing credits rolled. It was lovely to see the film receive the reception that it deserves as it’s a brilliant and deeply moving piece of storytelling. We were doubly proud as Interference Pattern provided the visual effects sequences for the film. Working on an incredibly constrained budget, our team poured many weeks of our own time into the project to ensure that director Felipe Bustos Sierra¬†received the shots he needed. Our work involved a wide range of shots, from fully realised virtual environments, complex time-lapse sequences to the destruction of architectural treasures.