Shenzhen, the ICIF and the Edinburgh Business Incubator

As IP’s international emissary, Tom, recently returned from a rather interesting and enlightening trip to Shenzhen in China. The primary purpose of the trip was to investigate both the business and cultural landscape of the animation and VFX industries in Shenzhen, with a view to developing commercial relationships, partnerships and collaborations with industry and educational institutions.

“The trip to Shenzhen, China was an amazing opportunity to explore the new business potential of the worlds emerging cgi industry in China.

On the second day of the trip the members of the delegation all presented at the “Sino-UK Higher Education Forum on Animation and Games”. I talked on the origins of Interference Pattern, reviewed some projects that we have been involved with and then talked over issues we have come across during productions and how we have solved them. There was a focus on the work we did with “The Lost Thing”, due to it’s relevance to the overall purpose of the forum, which was to discuss the potentials and pitfalls of international collaborations.

Over the course of the week we had some great meetings with companies and organisations both in the cgi animation and vfx/post-production realms.

In the latter part of the week we were attending the ICIF (International Cultural Industries Fair), a huge cultural expo event held annually in Shenzhen.  We had an area made available to us at a stand, where we could talk with expo attendees about our companies and services. I even managed to be talked into an interview on the local TV channel to talk about my experiences and how I had found both attending the ICIF and my impressions of the vfx sector in Shenzhen.

Alongside the business exploration side of the trip, Edinburgh Council were also opening the Edinburgh Shenzhen Business Incubator. The Business Incubator provides facilities for Edinburgh based businesses to help them establish themselves in China. Providing a foothold in an unfamiliar country and culture, from which to launch their operations.


Overall it was a thrilling trip. To see the furious energy and expansion of Shenzen first-hand was awe inspiring.


Article by Nelson Yiu