Aero – Bubbly

– Matthew Williamson Limited Edition Wrapper

Creating this intricate origami butterfly was a nice little challenge for the team here at IP Build to tackle, for client Passion Pictures. Produced to promote Aero Bubbly’s forthcoming limited-edition wrapper release, designed by Matthew Williamson. After a long morning of coffee-fuelled paper folding, we reviewed the resulting pile of assorted paper butterfly designs and decided the best version to adapt for our approach. Starting by modeling our origami butterfly in its final folded form, we then reverse-engineered this model, adding folds, creases and crafting additional details that would be required to facilitate the complete folding and transformation sequence.

To compliment the modeling process, we created a custom rig to allow us to pre-visualized the folding and unfolding sequences to ensure the client and director were happy with the sequence and design of the origami folds.

Once we were happy that our butterfly would be able to make the transition from a folded stack of paper to beautiful fluttering butterfly, we repeated the process for the asset needed for the transition to the packshot, showing the wrapped Aero bar. Finally once the modelling was completed, we UV’d and textured the meshes to create the final competed assets, ready for handover to the client for final re-rigging and animation.

Check out the final transformation animation here.

Aero - Bubbly
Client Animation Studio: Passion Pictures3D Asset Studio: Interference Pattern