Sourz – Re-branding

To accompany the 2014 Sourz product re-branding , Interference Pattern were tasked with seamlessly replacing all of the original bottles in the existing “This is Our Shot” commercial, with shiny new CGI bottles, bearing the updated Sourz branding. Working from the final pre-grade plates, with little information available from the original live-action shoot, we worked our magic to deliver the re-branded versions to a very happy client.

To round off the updated commercials, we created new fully-CGI pack-shots, emulating the look of the original shoot, whilst updating and refining the look to give the pack-shot that extra ‘wow’ factor.

For production of the original commercial in 2013, we worked alongside Black Level vfx, for MTP and The Leith Agency, and set our team of 3d artists the task of creating the stylized but realistic CGI Earth and cityscape, through which we pass, setting the scene for the remainder of the action.

The project, whilst appearing to be fairly simple presented a few technical challenges for the team. Notably replacing some of the real bottles during the nightclub sequence at the end of the piece. We were delivered a time-ramped, distorted and fully composite sequence with which to work. firstly we had to un-time ramp, undistort the shot. After this was completed we could track the camera and start to create the virtual bottle. To accomplish this we created a full body and arm rig with which to animate the CGI replacement. This was painstakingly match-moved over over the backplate, requiring frame-by frame corrections and alignment. Eventually we had a match and we could work on making the visual match between ours and the delivered composite. This was made more complex by having to accurately match and re-create all of the visual elements such as lens streaks, flares that had been composited into the original plates.

Sourz - Re-Branding
Client : SourzAgency: The Leith AgencyProduction Company: MTPAnimation Studio: Interference PatternDirector: Ben Craig