Anchor – Hometime

The latest summer animation outing of the @Anchor_Dairy family, for which we modeled and textured the environment, relates to parents on a tough mission, if you’ve been there this will make you laugh. Or, enjoy it purely for the superb animation and lighting by Passion Pictures. Check out the full spot here.

The brief for this asset build was to create a miniature world, with surface detailing to be with a scale such as to try and create the feel of a real-world miniature set build. We included additional detailing such as glue blobs and overspill, oversized surface textural detailing, scratching and had to be taken to ensure that the edge bevelling was all set to an appropriate size to ensure believability and continuity within the world that had been created. 

Anchor - Hometime
Client : AnchorAnimation Studio: Passion Animation Studios3D Asset Studio: Interference Pattern