Brawl Stars – Championships

At the end of 2020 we were delighted when our talented friends at Blue Zoo approached us to to help them out creating environments, prop and character builds  for the “non gameplay” sections of this uber fun trailer for 2021’s Brawl Stars Championships.

Taking the vibrant and energetic style that the property is known for we created the environments for the Buenos Aires, New York subway carriage and exteriors and Istanbul terrace sets.

On the character side, we created two of the main hero characters, Amber and Gene, along with additional asset support for a range of other characters. This ranged from creating clothing items, such as jackets,  producing texture variations for background characters.

IPBuild is the name we give to Interference Pattern’s dedicated 3D asset outsourcing service. Working closely with leading animation and VFX studios around the world, our work can be found in many TV commercials, films and game trailer projects. Our acclaimed team of 3D asset artists deliver production-ready 3D assets ready to slot directly into your studio pipeline. If you would like to find out more about the work that we can undertake please get in touch.

Brawl Stars - Championships
Animation Studio: Blue Zoo3D Asset Studio: Interference Pattern