Burry Man

When a Pictish farm is besieged by an endless winter, an adolescent girl must defy her father and his traditions to venture out beyond their family glen in search of a mysterious evergreen figure, the Burry Man, who has the power to bring springtime to the land.

This is the premise for Burry Man, a collaboration between Interference Pattern and Devil May Care Entertainment. Written and Directed by Simon Biggs and produced by Ross McKenzie, we created all of the visuals for the film, from storyboarding right through to final pixels.

Real-Time Unreal Engine Workflows

The creative team here at Interference Pattern felt that the visual style of this project made it a perfect fit for producing using our Unreal Engine CGI pipeline, instead of our alternate more traditional pre-rendered workflow using Side FX Houdini and Redshift. This real-time workflow allowed the team to work with a more flexible production pipeline and adopt a more iterative approach than would traditionally be deployed. The team were able to see “final visuals” much earlier on in the project and see the effect of animation and asset changes to a shot almost immediately, instead of waiting for a shot to go through lighting, rendering and compositing before the changes could be fully seen.

At Interference Pattern we create gorgeous animation and visual effects. From charmingly crafted 2d animation to stylised character-based 3d animation and complex photorealistic VFX. Whatever your project’s requirement, we’ve got you covered. If you would like to find out more about our work and how we can help you bring your concept to life please get in touch.

Burry Man
Production Studio: Devil May Care EntertainmentClubCGI Studio: Interference Pattern