Jura Whisky – Island

Interference Pattern created this bespoke stylised cgi visualisation sequence for Glasgow based creative digital agency Brightsignals. The sequence opens in a bottle of Jura whisky, resplendent in it’s new packaging design. We travel towards and then through the bottle’s label, seamlessly blending into a world defined by height contours. This design cue, taken from the branding design, is transformed into a 3d world, with this contour element at it’s core. Travelling now towards the island of Jura, which is defined by it’s distinctive outline shape, the view blends from  the distinctive orange contours to a 3d representation of the island, with headline landmarks all realised in stylised cgi. Going for an oversized aesthetic the team took design and construction guidance from such diverse reference sources as hand-crafted model-railway landscapes and the original Postman Pat television series. The Jura distillery, the distinctive shape of the “Paps of Jura”, the coastal road, harbour and lush coastal vegetation are all present on our island.

Small animated elements such as the clusters of deer, four sailing yachts and a 4×4 vehicle, help bring the island to life.

A user triggers activation of the app and animated video by scanning a QR code with a mobile phone, the app played out the cgi sequence, before using a real-time optimised version of the island which we created, as the basis for a 3d map, referencing the location-based story video content that was streamed to the viewer, and comprised the second half of the experience.

Originally designed to be incorporated into a mobile app, the original animation was created in a 9:16 portrait aspect ratio, for display on a mobile phone, (which itself presented it’s own unique set of challenges), we subsequently produced this 19:6 ratio directors-cut, to best showcase the work we did on the project.

The full Jura Passport app can be experienced on desktop or phone via a web browser at this link.

Jura whisky- Island
Client : JuraAgency: BrightsignalsCGI Production Studio: Interference Pattern