Olga da Polga

Tall tales of derring-do and glory!

Olga da Polga is a small guinea pig with a very big imagination. At home with her owners and an eclectic cast of animal pals, she tells tales of action, adventure and excitement of her life beyond the cage. From neolithic guinea pigs, to fire-breathing dragons and tortoises in space, she’s clearly a fan of the mantra ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’!

Based on the wonderfully extravagant and mischievous stories by Michael Bond, Olga has been reimagined in this charming show which combines live action and animation – where animation is used to show the colour and wonder of Olga’s imagination.

For this project we worked with Glasgow-based  production company Maramedia and took on all of the animation and 2D elements; environments, character design, logo, titles and end credits.

Each episode’s unique environment has been designed as if imagined through a 5 year old’s eyes. Textures and effects of pencil, crayon and felt-tip are used to create a visual style immediately recognisable to the preschool target audience, and a simplistic character design is used to further enhance this child-like aesthetic.

The logo builds on real world elements from Olga’s life and the titles give a sneak peek into her wild imaginations and fantastical stories.

The 13-part show was commissioned by the BBC and is available on CBeebies and  BBC iPlayer.

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Olga da Polga
Client: CBeebiesProduction Co: MaramediaAnimation Studio: Interference Pattern