CBeebies – Number 1 Newton Avenue

We were thrilled to collaborate with the BBC on their new pre-school children’s TV show, Number 1 Newton Avenue. The show uses catchy songs combined with fun and engaging animation and vfx moments, as an aide to learning. Exploring topics such as counting, patterns, measurement, shapes and numbers.

We delivered the full animation and vfx package for the show, comprising of around 18 minutes of charming 2d animation, 80 vfx shots, including photorealistic cgi prop characters animated and brought to life in each episode and then topped it off with a charming and memorable animated title sequence.

VFX ‘moments’

The list of 80 vfx shots that we created for the show were a combination of ‘traditional’ digital vfx trickery alongside the addition of photorealistic animated cgi recreations of the actors main props from the show. We brought these items to life for each episode, with a jump and a jiggle, hinting at a world unseen by adult eyes. Libby’s whistle bounces excitedly eager to be seen, Rio’s robot dances a jig, Jayden’s craft box smiles and jumps like a puppy and Freddy’s binoculars wave to attract our attention!

Each prop was given it’s own character and personality that our skilled animators had to imbue in the short duration of these small moments.


This charming titles sequence was created to familiarise the viewer with the concept of the show, that mathematics is all around us and present in everyday situations, whilst subtly introducing us to the characters that we would be meeting in each episode.

From the patterns and sequences formed by the blooming flowers and the buzzing bees, to the sequentially ordered cars and hopscotch grid on the pavement, we can see basic mathematical concepts throughout the world around us, in the simplest of things.

2D Animation

We created approximately 18 minutes of bespoke character based  2d animations, including visual accompaniments for the 26  individual “imagination songs”, with one featured in each episode, custom screen wipes and titles cards. 

At Interference Pattern we create gorgeous animation and visual effects. From charmingly crafted 2d animation to stylised character-based 3d animation and complex photorealistic VFX. Whatever your project’s requirement, we’ve got you covered. If you would like to find out more about our work and how we can help you bring your concept to life please get in touch.

BBC - Number 1 Newton Avenue
Client: BBCAnimation & VFX Studio: Interference Pattern