Coinbase – The Degen Trilogy: Part 1

It was great to be invited by our long term clients and collaborators, Light VFX, to work alongside them on this exciting animated film for Coinbase.

We provided asset support, creating several of the 3d environments for the film, including the boxing area, the skyscraper lobby and the skyscraper stairwell.

Alongside providing 3d assets, we were one of the character animation vendors on the project, breathing life into the airplane, skydiving and street scenes.

Video courtesy of Light.

Selected 3D environments, camera and character animation by Interference Pattern.

Breakdown – Finishing

Once all of our environment assets had been carefully crafted and the layout and character animations completed, the talented team at Light took over, taking our work through final simulations, lighting, rendering, compositing and final grade.

IPBuild is the name we give to Interference Pattern’s dedicated 3D asset outsourcing service. Working closely with leading animation and VFX studios around the world, our work can be found in many TV commercials, broadcast, film and game trailer projects. Our acclaimed team of artists deliver at all stages of production, from production-ready 3D assets ready to slot directly into your studio pipeline, layout and character animation, all the way to full shots, ready for final grade.

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Coinbase - The Degen Trilogy: Part 1
Client Animation Studio: Light3D Asset & Animation Studio: Interference Pattern