Castle of Light – Rex

The Interference Pattern team spent October getting to know Rex, our cuddly and lovable 3d lion rampant, who is the star of the show in the spectacular `Castle of Light` display, a collection of stunning projected visuals and state of the art lighting installations set within the walls of the historic Edinburgh Castle. Rex can be found dancing on the walls and ramparts of the castle, avoiding the fiery blaze of the resident dragon!

Creating three minutes of bespoke animation featuring Rex grooving and detailing some of the history of the castle in his own inimitable style, the IP team had great fun bringing this character to life. Simulated fur adds that additional layer of detail and realism to the character’s actions, providing additional secondary motion and movement which are key to creating this believably realistic performance for this heavily stylised character.

Some early visual concept designs for Rex. These were used as an early exploration of different styles and directions that the character could take, prior to any 3d creation. Ultimately the design evolved from this place to a slightly simpler form. 

Castle of Light
Client : Historic Environment ScotlandAgency: Andy McGregor Design & MediaCGI Production Studio: Interference Pattern