Dog Squad

A team of true superheroes is here!

Dog Squad follows the missions of five real-life superhero assistance dogs – with real-life superhero powers – who help and guide their human owners through a series of daily challenges.

Airing on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer this new hybrid live action and animated show brings heart-warming tales of Kika, Meagaidh, Diesel, Sylvie and Tinkerbell to pre-schoolers and their families, along with an all-star voice-over cast.

The show is a unique way of understanding and recognising the work of Assistance Dogs, and was developed in consultation with Assistance Dogs UK, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Support Dogs, Therapet and the Search And Rescue Dog Association Scotland.

Commissioned by the BBC and produced by Hello Halo Kids our role included designing and creating all of the 2D elements. This included all of the design, look development of all environments, characters, assets, logo, titles and end credits – and of course, all of the animation!

Our first step was to create the overall style and tone for the show. Key reference points for the mission elements were 1930s comics which had clean lines, ‘grown-up’ colour palettes and a more mature aesthetic – which we thought would work as a nice counterpoint to the pre-school target audience.

The characters are based on their real-life selves and so the design team had great fun creating 2D versions of the 5 superhero dogs (and it seems the real-life owners had equal fun seeing their companions being brought to life through animation!)

We provided all of the animation for this 15-part series which incorporates approximately 150 seconds of animation, per episode, totalling nearly 40 minutes of animation across the entire series.

After the high energy opening titles, each episode opens with a fun sequence where each dog is chosen for its mission. What follows is a unique story sequence as the dogs lay out their mission for the show, and then towards the end of each episode, a more exaggerated version, recapping what actually happens, interspersed with celebratory moments as the dogs progress their mission.

Each dog has its own wild and wonderful hero song – 20 seconds of pure joy and delight! There are inanimate objects brought to life, and of course special FX to showcase the incredible superpowers of the dogs.

All animation was created with Toon Boom Harmony and the final sequences composited together in Adobe After Effects. This is where we combine the animation created in Harmony with the background artwork and bespoke transitions and 2D special FX.

At Interference Pattern we create gorgeous animation and visual effects. From charmingly crafted 2d animation to stylised character-based 3d animation and complex photorealistic VFX. Whatever your project’s requirement, we’ve got you covered. If you would like to find out more about our work and how we can help you bring your concept to life please get in touch.

Dog Squad
Client: CBeebiesProduction Co: Hello Halo KidsAnimation Studio: Interference Pattern