Our dedicated 3D asset creation outsourcing team at IPBuild completed this character and prop build for two slightly bonkers TV commercials, advertising the CONO range of snacks. Working with the hugely talented team at global VFX and animation studio, Digital District.

First up are the six snack-based characters, representing the three different styles of CONO snack and wide range of props, packs and delicious foods that we created to form and inhabit this zany imagined world.

Once all assets had been carefully created, the talented team at Digital District took over, implementing, animating and creating the two catchy and lively commercials.

For the shorter of the two commercials, we created all of the 3d assets, including the delicious-looking foods, the yummy snacks and the product packs. With an emphasis on not only making the foods look realistic but also delicious and enticing enough to sell the product, we walked the line of art directed realism.

IPBuild is the name we give to Interference Pattern’s dedicated 3D asset outsourcing service. Working closely with leading animation and VFX studios around the world, our work can be found in many TV commercials, films and game trailer projects. Our acclaimed team of 3D asset artists deliver production-ready 3D assets ready to slot directly into your studio pipeline.

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