Dobbie – The 10th Reindeer

Working in conjunction with Flaunt Productions, for the Leith Agency, our team was hard at work throughout September and October of 2014 creating this fab Christmas commercial for Dobbies, to life. Interference Pattern undertook production and development all of the asset builds (modelling, texturing and shading), bringing the 2d concept art to life in fully rendered 3d.  This stage was then followed by all of the lighting, rendering and compositing of this 40′ commercial. The project has certainly did put our coffee machine through it’s paces. The commercial was re-run in 2018 and still looks a good as it did back in 2014.

Check out the full commercial for yourselves over here.

Dobbies - Christmas Delivered
Client : DobbiesAgency: The Leith AgencyProduction Company: Axis AnimationCGI Production Studio: Interference PatternDirector: Dana Dorian (Axis Animation)