France 3 – Les Marmottes

We had fun time with our latest collaborating with the talented team at global VFX and animation studio, Digital District , helping to create this series of hilarious, photorealistic cgi animated idents, for French national broadcaster, France 3. Featuring a collection of comedic marmots, a recurring theme and mascot for the channel.

The IPBuild dedicated outsourcing team were asked to create eight of the virtual environments and a wide range of supporting props and sports equipment, to be used throughout the series. From large stadiums and arenas to swimming caps and basketballs. The brief we were tasked with was to achieve photorealism, with the marmots to appear at real-world scale within our real-world settings.  To achieve this we had to take particular care to ensure that the scale of any detailing, both modelled and textural, was correct, in order to sell their realism. For example, extra care was taken to ensure that all micro-rounding on edges of 3d geometry was suitably scaled and not overly large. Oversized edge-bevels, as they are called, can throw the eye off and give a stylized, non-realistic  feel to a 3d model.

Our team was also tasked with bringing some of the films to life, undertaking all layout and animation for four of the spots animating the antics of the athletics and basketball playing marmots, along with the winter sports or curling and the biathlon.

Layout is the process of defining the arrangement and staging of a scene, as seen through the camera. The camera lens and framing of the shot are considered, as well as camera movement and any large overall character motions.  Once layout was complete, our character animation team took over, breathing life and humour into our cheeky furry cast.  With the animation, we had the opportunity to bring our creative pedigree to the project and develop the initial storyboard actions into fully fledged sequences.

Once all of our environments and assets had been carefully crafted and the character animations completed, the talented team at Digital District took over, taking our work, adding in crowds, simulations, adding the lighting, compositing and final grade of all the rendered animations.

IPBuild is the name we give to Interference Pattern’s dedicated 3D asset outsourcing service. Working closely with leading animation and VFX studios around the world, our work can be found in many TV commercials, films and game trailer projects. Our acclaimed team of 3D asset artists deliver production-ready 3D assets ready to slot directly into your studio pipeline.

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France 3 - Les Marmottes
Animation Studio: Digital District3D Asset Studio: Interference Pattern