Roots & Fruits Season 02

We were thrilled to be asked by our friends at Plum Films to provide design and animation services, this time for second season of the wonderful Roots and Fruits. The series is a fully animated musical variety show that features dancing & singing fruits and vegetables alongside a stellar line up of host characters.

As in the first season, each show profiles a different fruit or vegetable with the audience is treated to an opening set from the house band, The Beets, some fun facts about the star of the show and a behind the scenes interview with co-host Kiwi. Each episode culminates in a dazzling performance from the star – all hosted by the consummate professional Pak Choi – and features some very, very catchy tunes!

The show is commissioned by BBC for CBeebies, produced by Plum Films and we provided all of the characters and animation.

At the heart of Roots & Fruits are the cast of magnificently talented fruit and vegetables – such an eclectic and vibrant cast to work with. A key highlight for the animators was being able to showcase each character’s talents through their solo performance which closes each episode to rapturous applause. Channeling influences as diverse as Elvis and Dizzy Gillespie, the animation team were able to bring a big performative quality to this section of the show.

Of course, no variety show is complete without an audience and this show is no exception. Roots & Fruits has an adoring audience who are delighted, surprised, moved to tears and emphatic in their supportive chanting! Again, this provided a great opportunity for the animators to really let the characters’ emotions show

This 26-part series for preschoolers brings together a wonderful world of photographic & 3D environments, beautifully simple and effective character design, which is all brought to life with 2D animation. There are approx. 260 seconds of animation per show which totals 113 minutes across the series.

At Interference Pattern we create gorgeous animation and visual effects. From charmingly crafted 2d animation to stylised character-based 3d animation and complex photorealistic VFX. Whatever your project’s requirement, we’ve got you covered. If you would like to find out more about our work and how we can help you bring your concept to life please get in touch.

Roots & Fruits S02
Client: CBeebiesProduction Co: Plum FilmsAnimation Studio: Interference Pattern