Valorant – Duality

It was great to give our friends and long-time clients at Axis Studios a hand with some 3d asset support from our dedicated asset outsourcing team, for this stylistic cinematic for Riot Games shooter, Valorant.  We created the 3d models for the dropship, haz-case and the elevator in the courtyard set.

IPBuild is the name we give to Interference Pattern’s dedicated 3D asset outsourcing service. Working closely with leading animation and VFX studios around the world, our work can be found in many TV commercials, broadcast, film and game trailer projects. Our acclaimed team of artists deliver at all stages of production, from production-ready 3D assets ready to slot directly into your studio pipeline, layout and character animation, all the way to full shots, ready for final grade.

If you would like to find out more about the work that we can undertake please get in touch.

Valorant - Duality
Client Studio: Axis Studios3D Asset Studio: Interference Pattern