OAAM – 360

In 2019 our friends at ISO Design asked us to collaborate with them on an exciting project to create a pair of 360 degree CGI films for an exhibit for a planned new museum in Oman, the ‘Oman Across Ages Museum’ (OAAM). The films, to be projected across 4 walls in custom immersive CAVE environments, were to depict what everyday life was like for inhabitants of two ancient settlements, one from the Bronze Age and one from Neolithic times.

Viewers standing in CAVE’s would be taken back in time, immersed in the lives of the inhabitants of the settlements as they went about their day to day routines.

Each film ended up being over 4 minutes in length. This duration allows viewer scrutiny of every tiny detail in the environments.

Breakdown – Environments

The 360 environments in the films are completely virtual, created using a combination of 3D CGI and digital matte painting techniques to create the lifelike recreations set in the distant past. Both settlements, at Ra’s Al-Jinz and Ra’s Al-Hamra are based on existing real-world locations, requiring that our artists extrapolated back in time, to recreate them how they may have looked many thousands of years ago.

Painstaking attention was paid to the accurate representation of not only the environments and dwellings that the villagers are inhabiting but also the myriad of everyday objects that fill the world, such as pots, fabrics, rubbish and the tools they are using.

The worlds were populated by real actors and animals, their actions captured during an intensive shoot-day, which we have the pleasure of supervising from a VFX perspective.

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OAAM 360
Agency: ISO DesignCGI & VFX Studio: Interference Pattern